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The Gear


Little Things Pouch

Fanny Pack

At home, around town or out in the world, kids like a handy little place to put snacks, toys or that bit of nature they find interesting. This bag can be front and center where their curious hands have access to all the treasures they've collected -- helping them stay engaged in the experiences they are exploring.
Recommended age?size is: Child 3 - 12 years; Teen/Adult 13 +.


Adventure Cap


This is an all seasons hat with simple and great design for kids who are out and about exploring. Its sturdy, durable and completely flexible; able to keep up with any adventures your kids embark on.
The sides give great coverage and it reshapes easily. All seams are enclosed inside and out. Adjustable with a drawstring in the back up to 22 inches.
Recommended ages from 3-12.



Hip Pack

This is a great bag for the kids in your life who are on the go. Designed to hold a water bottle, snack and a few other small items this is for the adventurers & explorers who want freedom of movement during play. Tough, durable and easy to open, this medium sized bag can haul the supplies needed for a couple hours on the trail or to something more casual like your favorite restaurant. Recommended age/size is: Child 3-12, Teen/Adult 13 +. Comes with a detachable belt.


Adventure Pack


This is a perfectly sized day pack for kids who are traveling more than a couple hours. Slightly smaller than a traditional backpack means kids can stay comfortable longer with all their essentials in tow.  It can comfortably fit a lunchbox, water bottle and a few other small items, this is the largest of the adventure bags and features cushioned straps and drawstring closure.
Recommended age is 3 +.

100% cotton canvas items, designed and handmade by the owner in Portland, Oregon USA.


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