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My name is Laura


I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my family. We enjoy going on adventures whether they be big or small, always finding something special about the places we visit.
Rocks, sticks & very short pencils are just a few of the things my kids find and call "treasures"; these whimsical discoveries are what inspired me to create a line of adventure bags for all kids. They are designed to be easy and accessible for quick little explorers on the go.
By crafting these sturdy adventure bags I am able to combine my favorite passions -- the outdoors, sewing & exploring with children.
I work hard to create handcrafted items that will inspire and last the amazing people we call children. All the design, sewing, and specialty items are produced with my own hands giving each soulful item the durability to withstand family life.
My hope is to create tools which enable kids to be their very best!

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